UniComs was established in 1998 as a fully privately-owned wholesaler of nutritional and diagnostic products. The company has always strived to satisfy the needs of our partners and clients by offering quality products, successful marketing vision and exceptional service.

2002 – UniComs covers 90% of the Bulgarian market through own distribution.

8th of March, 2004 – UniComs launches the exceptionally accurate, in anytime of the day, Surecheck pregnancy test, based on the technology Gold Gel Reagent. One year later the pregnancy test is an absolute market leader.

2005 – A medical representatives department is built.

march, 2006 - UniComs launches SELENOGIN - unique combination of Selenium and Gingko Biloba which quickly gains popularity on the Bulgarian market.

2006 – UniComs starts exporting to Romania, a step forward in the companys long-run strategy: to become a multinational company.

2006 – UniComs launches Presto - unique 2-cassette test for earliest pregnancy detection.

2007 - UniComs launches Oview - family planning test kit, containing 5 strips for accurate ovulation period detection.

2007 - UniComs continues to expand its global market presence and signes a contract with the Moldovan distributor „Dita Estfarm” S.R.L.

2007 - UniComs signs a contract with the Macedonian distributor INTEGRAL, thus continuing its market expansion in Eastern Europe.

2007 - UniComs lanches NeoVista in Bulgaria. NeoVista is the first product for healthy eyes and sharp eyesight based on an advanced formula with Astaxanthin - unicellular alga extract reducing eye fatigue after computer work.

2008 - UniComs signs a contract with NS-pharm – leading wholesale distributor with a network extending over the entire Serbia.

2008 - UniComs launches Renovax - effervescent tablets for regeneration and protection of joints containing glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM.

2009 - UniComs launches Surecheck Streamer in Romania and Bulgaria – a pregnancy test for more convenient use, based on the new technology Ultra Gold, for a result with unconditional accuracy.

2009 - UniComs starts in Lebanon - the companys first market outside Europe.

January, 2010 - UniComs introduces Quiko Strict - a digital thermometer еquipped with the unique FMS and Strict systems for fast and correct measurement. Through this brand, the company sets focus on home diagnostic products, thermometers being one of the 3 main categories together with diagnostic tests and blood pressure monitors.

February, 2010 - UniComs launches a new blood pressure monitor brand - Sendo. The two models of the brand, Standard and Primo, are produced according to the highest quality standards for pin-point accuracy.

August, 2010 - UniComs introduces QUIKO - a digital thermometer designed with a high speed sensor capable of reaching 512 measurements per second.

October, 2011 - UniComs starts sales of Favio: a new diabetic multivitamin formula enriched with Alpha Lipoic Acid and Lutein.

November, 2011 - UniComs exhibited for the first time at Medica - the largest medical exhibition in the World held in Düsseldorf, Germany. UniComs presented at the fair its newest product - Presto Twist: a new type of pregnancy test with a patented Turn&Learn system designed exclusively for earliest possible pregnancy detection.

2013 - UniComs introduced a new management concept called “democracy”.

2014 - UniComs launches TWIP, a bio-degradable pregnancy test for women with irregular periods.

2014: UniComs is a democratic company. The team leaders are selected by elections. The team members vote for all decisions made in the company.

November 2014: UniComs launches Cherto at Medica. Cherto is the only product in the market, which combines the accuracy of medical lab, tests with the latest in mobile technology. The results of urine test strip are read via Cherto app. The app is intuitive, accurate, convenient and fast.

February 2015: Cherto mobile app is accepted in the Apple App store in the first attempt, a no small feat! Cherto can now be downloaded by users around the world.

2015: UniComs receives the first Red Dot Award for design with TWIP, a bio-degradable pregnancy test for women with irregular periods.

August, 2015: UniComs has taken the first step to enter China with the unique pregnancy test TWIP.

September, 2015 - UniComs launches Surecheck pregnancy test in Jordan.

January, 2016 - UniComs signs a deal with Egypt for its best-selling pregnancy test Surecheck and Ovulation test Oview.

February, 2016 - UniComs launches Amiko® a special food supplement, designed to maintain normal blood pressure. With its unique X120/80™ formula and in combination with specially selected extract from hawthorn, magnesium and vitamin B6, Amiko® benefits the normal health of you heart.

February, 2016 - UniComs enters Montenegro with Surecheck, the best-selling pregnancy test in many European countries.

March, 2016 - UniComs is making its foray in the Islamic Republic of Iran. UniComs has signed a distribution contract with one of the leading FMCG and pharmaceutical distributors in Iran.

March, 2016 - UniComs continues its expansion with a distribution agreement for UniComs brands in Uzbekistan.

June, 2016 - UniComs is now selling the accurate and reliable Sendo Blood pressure monitor in Kuwait.

June, 2016 - UniComs has signed a distribution contract with a reputed distributor in UAE.

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