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We are looking for passionate, creative and dedicated people to be part of our success. As a fast-growing company in a dynamic new industry, we offer excellent career development opportunities and an exciting, challenging work environment.

Driven by the belief that the staff is the most valuable asset, UniComs offers to all its employees a social program.
Through this program the company aims to share the success with the people that set the course of UniComs – its employees, and to encourage them to improve their skills.
Besides a secure monthly salary, annual awards and bonuses due by the government, UniComs provides every employee with additional care and preferential rights.

Social program of UniComs

Choose your own training

As a member of the company, you dispose of annual budget for training courses and programs. To take advantage of it, you should choose a training course and justify the benefits of the course for your professional development to your manager. The budget can be increased in case of adequate arguments.

If you need medical care, UniComs is there for you

If you or a member of your family have health problems and need cash for medical treatment, the company could allot interest-free credit for up to 2 years.

Additional care for each mother

When you work at UniComs you do not have to worry when you are about to have a new member of the family. During pregnancy, each future mother employee of the company will receive an additional amount of money to her monthly salary. The company undertakes to keep the job of the mother and if this is not possible, UniComs agrees to pay a solid compensation.

Bonuses for the kids on Christmas and for high marks

For every born child UniComs pays a one-time bonus. The same applies in case of adoption. If your child is below 18 years old, you gain a bonus to your basic salary from the company, as well as a special Christmas bonus to please your child. These bonuses apply for every child of yours.
Every autumn, for the first day of school, we do not forget to please your children by paying a bonus for school accessories to every employee. This applies for every child of yours from first grade to colleague graduation. We understand that it is not at all easy to raise a child and this is the reason why the bonus increases for every grade. If your child has high marks in school for the last 6 months, the bonus increases. When your child becomes student the bonus increases yet more and for students with excellent marks it becomes even more significant.

Benefit from the best credit interests

If one needs cash it is good to know that every employee of UniComs can take advantage of preferential rights for bank-credits.

Buy your company car for 25% and on deferred payments!

A company car is provided for every employee who needs it to accomplish his duties. The car can be used during holidays and leave of absence.
The leasing contracts of the cars are valid for 4 years. After the payment is overdue, every employee has the right to buy its car for 25% of the price that the company has paid.
If the car reaches 200 000 km it will be included in the employee sale program.
The car can also be bought by the employee on deferred payments free of interest.

Take your favorite UniComs products each month for free

Every employee has the right to receive out of charge each month company products for a certain amount. The amount increases for every year while working in UniComs.

High corporate spirit in a strong body

Sport activities are held during corporate meetings, workshops and team building meetings. The activities include football, table tennis, paintball etc.
The company organizes regularly team building meetings with the assistance of professional psychologists.


If you want to become part of the team of UniComs, you may apply for every position in the company by sending an application letter and a CV in English to

In case of future vacant positions, all applications will be considered.
You can check the available jobs in “Jobs” section.

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