Established in 1998

with the core objective of developing and marketing the best and innovative diagnostics brands and food supplements with the aim to help improve lifestyles through better self-care.

Focussing on home healthcare

UniComs Switzerland operates out of Sofia, Bulgaria. We have managed to become a leader with various diagnostics brands in markets where the company performs. Specializing in four main categories – diagnostics tests, diagnostic devices, respiratory care and food supplements, UniComs boasts of many star brands. These bestsellers, along with an ever-expanding but highly focused product portfolio, are the direct result of generous R&D investment and a product development process. They all feature unique user benefits, cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art design.

Our Mission

Diagnostics you can trust at home.

From a health perspective, we at UniComs fully understand the needs of modern people – to stay informed, to be independent and be able to design their own life. A natural extension of the above is the need to be able to accurately monitor one’s body in the privacy of one’s home.

Our Core Values





These principles form our world outlook and business logic. They inspire us to face challenges without losing ground. They unite us in our differences and help us find our way to the top.

Our history


UniComs is incorporated 

as a fully privately-owned wholesaler of diagnostic and nutritional products

UniComs covers Bulgaria

The company's distributor network covers 90% of the Bulgarian market

UniComs launches Surecheck

A pregnancy test of exceptional accuracy. A year later, Surecheck is the undisputed market leader

Medical representative team

UniComs forms a representative team of medical specialists in Bulgaria to support the sales of food supplements

UniComs launches Selenogin

A food supplement featuring a unique combination of Selenium and Ginkgo biloba. Selenogin is an instant hit on the Bulgarian market

UniComs exports to Romania

A new beginning. An important milestone in the long-term strategy of becoming a multinational company

UniComs launches Presto

A unique two-cassette pregnancy test for early pregnancy detection

UniComs launches Oview

A family planning test kit for the accurate detection of ovulation periods

UniComs launches NeoVista

An innovative food supplement for the relief of eye fatigue induced by computer and mobile monitors

UniComs launches Renovax

The food supplement facilitates the regeneration and protection of joints

Surecheck Streamer launch

UniComs presents a pregnancy test of exceptional accuracy and improved usability. A special absorbent tip renders the test highly accurate in addition to ease of use and hygiene

Introducing Quiko Strict

UniComs' digital thermometer launches. A fast and accurate device with STRICT system for accurate results in just 10 seconds

Sendo Standard and Primo

UniComs launches both its products, manufactured to the strictest industry standards for extreme accuracy and high quality

Favio in pharmacies

The new multivitamin formula for diabetics enriched with alpha lipoic acid and lutein is near consumers

UniComs attends Medica

The company participates for the first time at the fair in Düsseldorf and premieres Presto Twist. The new generation pregnancy test with a patented Turn&Learn system, designed for the earliest possible detection of pregnancy

Launch of Healthy Life

Establishing of the company in Bulgaria. Healthy Life specializes in the development of food supplement products

Democracy in the company

UniComs introduces a concept of democracy - an innovative way of company management

Advertising of Selenogin

UniComs launches a TV campaign for the food supplement, designed for better memory, concentration and against noise in the ears

TV campaign for Favio

UniComs promotes the food supplement, designed especially for people with diabetes

Launching Twip in Bulgaria

UniComs presents its pregnancy test for women with irregular periods

A democratically run company

UniComs introduces concept of 'democracy' wherein the decision-making process involves all team members and the leaders are elected by the team 

UTI diagnostic kit Cherto

Launching of the groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind product at Medica. UniComs' Cherto combines the accuracy of medical lab test with the immediacy and portability of mobile technology (results reported via dedicated app)

Cherto with mobile app

Cherto app, the first of its kind to check urinary infections and myriad of other conditions, makes it to the Apple App Store in first attempt

Design award for Twip

Twip by UniComs wins the 2015 Red Dot Award for product design. The pregnancy test for women with irregular periods is deservedly recognized for its innovative, functional and modern look among 4,928 entries from 56 countries

Twip in Chinese market

For the first time UniComs presents Twip online and in various stores in the vast Chinese market

Surecheck in Jordan

UniComs launches the pregnancy test in the new market and gathers much interest from pharmacists and end consumers alike

Researches in Iran

UniComs undertakes comprehensive qualitative research in Iran. Four days and eight focus groups later, multiple insights are gained with the marked difference in consumer behavior in Iran and other Middle Eastern countries particularly valuable

UniComs at Vitafoods

The biggest nutritional supplement and functional food exhibition in Europe, happening in Geneva. It is a natural destination for UniComs for a second year

Debut at Africa health

The UniComs booth exhibits the full portfolio of accurate and stylish home diagnostic products

Studying consumer mindsets

in Jordan as part of UniComs' Middle Eastern expansion strategy. With eight focus groups over four days, the extensive qualitative research provides valuable insights into the local market

Arab health in Dubai

UniComs welcomes business partners and interested parties to its portfolio booth of innovative home diagnostics and a presentation of the company’s unique business franchise concept

UniComs enters Egypt 

UniComs enters into a distribution agreement with a reputed distributor in Egypt to offer its best-selling pregnancy test Surecheck and Ovulation test Oview. That means people in Egypt could easily find Surecheck and Oview in the pharmacies across the country by August 2016

Launch of Amiko in Bulgaria

Amiko is a food supplement designed to maintain normal blood pressure with its unique X120/80™ formula

Now in Montenegro 

in collaboration with Meditas, to market Surecheck, the bestselling pregnancy test

Distribution in Uzbekistan

UniComs signs agreement with Starcom Mediavest for the distribution of Surecheck 

Sendo in Kuwait  

UniComs starts selling the accurate and reliable Sendo blood pressure monitors in Kuwait

Distribution in UAE

UniComs signs an agreement with CS Interpharm for the distribution of Surecheck, Twip, Oview and Folacid in UAE

UniComs enters Africa 

by agreeing terms with a leading distributor in Nigeria

UniComs in South America

after signing a contract with Inversiones y Desarrollos Morro

Sendo Advance 3 is launched

Key features of the premium blood pressure monitor include innovative technology HIRA for the detection and risk rating of irregular heartbeat, an allergen-free cuff, a cuff fit error indicato

Launching of b-PROTEKT

with the strong immunostimulatory NV6X formula and five strains of live bacteria, b-PROTEKT is recommended for the normal functioning of the immune system and the gastrointestinal tract

Sex Education campaign

Surecheck launches Surecheck4SexEducation - a sex education campaign aimed at Bulgarian teenagers. It gives the information they need to make empowered decisions about their bodies, gender, sexuality and relationships. UniComs has pledged to donate one lev for each Surecheck Streamer sold toward funding the campaign

Expanding in Europe

UniComs conducts qualitative research in Albania as part of European expansion plans. The process involves eight focus groups over four days to reveal striking differences between Albanian and other Balkan mindsets

Arab health 2017

UniComs attends the event in Dubai to meet current and potential distributors

Launch of Zano in Bulgaria

UniComs presents a compact and silent compressor nebulizer for an efficient treatment

Elections in UniComs

UniComs holds its democratic elections in Bulgaria for country manager and sales managers

Amiko in Romania

UniComs launches Amiko - a food supplement designed to maintain normal blood pressure with its unique X120/80™ formula

Amiko TV campaign

UniComs launches the ad to explain the benefits of Amiko and popularize the brand in Bulgaria

UniComs in Albania

UniComs launches best selling pregnancy test Surecheck and blood pressure monitor Sendo in Albania

Arab health 2018

UniComs attends the event in Dubai to meet current and potential distributors

Sendo TV campaign in Romania

UniComs launches the new testimonial campaign in Romania

!UniComs is 20

UniComs turned 20 years since inception and marked the occasion by having a gala event. Clients, suppliers, partners, employees and families of employees attended the gala event

UniComs at Vitafoods

The biggest nutritional supplement and functional food exhibition in Europe, happening in Geneva. It is a natural destination for UniComs each year

Launch of Zano in Albania

UniComs launches a compact and silent compressor nebulizer Zano in Albania

UniComs enters Bangladesh

UniComs enters into a distribution agreement with a reputed distributor in Bangladesh to offer its best-selling pregnancy test Surecheck. People in Bangladesh could easily find Surecheck in the pharmacies by February 2019