Our approach on ESG

For us, ESG is about meeting the expectations and true societal needs of all stakeholders in the long run.

Our ESG engagement is an integral part of the company strategy:

Creating products that provide customers with the knowledge and the right tools to maintain their health for a high quality of life in a simple, accurate and natural way.

We are focused on supporting:


Health Prevention


Knowledge and education are the cornerstone values of our company

underpinning our commitment to empowering both our team members and customers. We believe that knowledge is the foundation upon which informed decisions are made, and education is the means by which individuals can unlock their full potential. By providing accessible, accurate, and natural solutions, we not only empower individuals to take control of their well-being but also foster a culture of lifelong learning within our organization. In essence, knowledge and education are not just values for us; they are the driving force behind our mission to simplify the path to a high-quality life through health and well-being.

We believe in collective intelligence and in empowering our people

Our business model of corporate democracy adheres to the principles of transparency, pluralism and equity. Everyone in Unicoms has a direct say in decisions regarding the development of the company. Each year, based on employee suggestions, humanitarian causes and initiatives are supported at a company level.

Democracy as a company value and management style is the cornerstone of our organization's identity

We firmly believe that every employee is a valuable source of insight, experience, and creativity, and as such, their voices deserve to be heard and respected in the decision-making process. This commitment to democratic principles not only fosters a culture of inclusivity and collaboration, but also results in more well-rounded and thoughtful decisions. It empowers our workforce to take ownership of their roles, contribute meaningfully to our company’s growth, and cultivate a sense of pride and dedication in their work. In embracing democracy, we recognize that diversity of thought is a catalyst for innovation and progress. Hence, we are dedicated to harnessing the collective wisdom of our team to steer our organization towards success.






We are committed to reducing our negative environmental impact

through consciously designed products and packaging, paperless business operations, and so on.

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